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    Does anyone remember the TV broadcasts of the Senators games starting in 1969 with Warner Wolf, Shelby Whitfield and a guest. The guests were non-sports people like Flip Wilson, Jimmy Dean (the sausage and country music singer) or some actor or politician.

    I recall reading that these broadcasts influenced ABC's decision to go with three broadcasters and injecting non-sports topics when they started Monday Night Football one year later.

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    I remember Warner Wolf and Shelby Whitfield very well. I don't remember the celebrity guests though. The broadcast Theme song was Chicago's,"25 or 6 to 4"! I remember Wolf saying,"Washington Senators Basebaaall!"


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      I always liked Warner Wolf i remember him very well doing local sports for WCBS-TV ch2 in new york "The Boo of the week" "Come on give us a break" and this is warner wolf


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        Warner Wolff also once predicted a Minnesota Twins victory in the World Series -- to a local New York audience -- "because the Minnesota Twins are the Washington Senators in disguise!". I'm not sure what native New Yorkers made of that, but I had a chuckle.

        And Wolff predicted correctly, too. And pronounced it as "Warshnin", like a native Washingtonian.
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          Warner had to wait awhile in his long career before originating his famous "Let's go to the video tape." I liked Wolf especially for the way he treated very young fans who called into his sports talk show even though it totally exposed his own youthful outlook on sports. Wolf was indeed a "fans fan".

          I was surprised that Wolf was as successful as he was after he moved to NYC. I thought the city was too tough and that he would be "Don Imused" out of town on a rail. I forgot that there are young-at-hearts everywhere, even in the Big Apple.


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