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    Originally posted by chapin

    Would that complete listing be able to tell me in what game it was that Ruth struck out twice and hit one homerun against Walter Johnson? We have just acquired a "Babe" Ruth autograph letter where he mentions upon signing the recipient's old score card in 1940: "I only wish it was for a game we had won. To anyone who remembers, Walter Johnson beat us 3-1. I struck out twice and hit one homerun."

    thanks, Bob Volz
    The only game with a 3-1 score I could find in which Johnson pitched and Babe Ruth hit a home run was played August 29, 1922. However it was 3-1 in favor of the Yanks. I would assume that Babe may have been mistaken on that 3-1 score, I'm sure it would be easier to remember that they lost that game to Johnson but harder to remember the score.

    No info on the number of times if there were any, that Ruth struck out in that game. BTW it was the longest home run Ruth hit off of Johnson in the 9 or 10 career he hit off of him. It was at Yankee Stadium to right center field far up into the bleachers.

    If time permits I can take another look at a game that fits the description you gave with out that 3-1 score.
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