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1920 & 1922 Washington Senators (who's pictured?)

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  • 1920 & 1922 Washington Senators (who's pictured?)

    Can anyone tell me who's in the attached photos?
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    My eyes aren't good enough to tell, but here are the rosters of these teams:

    If you click on their names, it will take you to their photos.
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    Go here for a link to all player links!

    Go here for all your 1920's/1930's OF info


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      Trying to help with the top photo:

      All players are listed left-to-right. Unknown players are marked with an X. Guesses I'm less certain about are marked with a question mark.

      Back Row: George McBride(?), X, Walter Johnson, X, Joe Judge, Tom Zachary, X, X, Bucky Harris(?)

      Front Row: X, Nick Altrock, X, X, Clyde Milan(?)

      The photo was taken during Spring Training, 1920. Note that Altrock (front row, far right) did not appear in a game for the team, but at this point he was being paid for his clown act with reliever Al Schact on the sidelines during games.
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