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This Date In Washington Senators history...

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    May 23

    1901 An inglorious record is set today by the Nats in Cleveland. Up 13-5 on the Blues with 2 outs and no runners on base in the 9th, the Blues set a major league record by plating 9 runs for a stunning 14-13 win.

    1924 Striking out a career high 14 and allowing only 1 safety, Walter Johnson records his 103rd career shutout with a 4-0 victory over the White Sox in D.C. The only hit by the Pale Hose belongs to Harry Hooper.

    1927 In the 1st inning of today's game at Griffith, the Yankees appear on the road to another victory as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig slug back-to-back homers. Sens P Sloppy Thurston settles down and the Senators score 3 runs to down the Yanks 3-2.

    1929 In Shibe Park, the A's take both ends of a doubleheader, both by 9-8 scores. The Senator's offense scores 8 runs in the first two innings of the opener, but the Mackmen battle back for the 9-8 win. In game 2, Rube Wahlberg goes the distance for Philadelphia. Senators OF Ossie Bluege homers in both games.

    1956 In a 17 inning marathon at Kansas City, the Sens fall to the A's 7-6. After Roy Sievers scores on a Whitey Herzog double in the top of the 17th to give the Senators a 6-5 lead, the A's score 2 in the bottom half courtesy of a solo home run by Jim Finigan and a wild pitch by P Camilio Pasqual that allows Clete Boyer to score the winning run. Sens SS Jim Snyder wears an 0-for-8 collar for the game.

    1963 New Nats manager Gil Hodges is acquired in a trade from the Mets for OF Jimmy Piersall. Hodges arrives in Baltimore just in time to watch the Orioles' Robin Roberts 2 hit the Sens 6-0. Senators starter Claude Osteen is battered for 6 runs and 7 hits in 2.1 innings of work. Light hitting SS Ed Brinkman gets the only 2 hits off of Roberts.

    1971 Denny McLain returns to Detroit for the first time with his new team. Two of his former teammates, Al Kaline and Norm Cash, welcome him back by each slugging 2 run homers as the Tigers smoke the Sens 5-0. In the nitecap, the Tigers maul the Senators and starter Mike Thompson 11-0.

    Senators Birthdays

    Another round of 5 birthdays of note this May 23rd...

    Harry Stephen Patrick Chesley AKA Harry Child B May 23, 1905 D Nov. 8, 1972

    Pitcher Harry Child appeared in 5 games for the 1930 Senators, pitching a grand total of 10 innings with a career ERA of 6.30.

    Harry Child career record

    Jose Luis (Chile) Gonzales Gomez B May 23, 1909 D Dec. 1, 1992

    Infielder Chile Gomez started his career with the 1935 Philadelphia Phillies. He appeared in 108 games for the Phillies in 1936 and then disappeared from the major league scene until 1942 when he returned for 25 games with the 1942 Senators. Never a very potent hitter, Gomez' best year was 1936 when he stroked 77 hits, with 28 RBI, for the Phillies.

    Chile Gomez career record

    George Willis Hudlin B May 23, 1906 D Aug. 5, 2002

    Pitcher Willis Hudlin spent 16 years in the major leagues, mainly with the Cleveland Indians. Starting with the Indians in 1926, Hudlin appeared in 25 or more games every year from 1927 through 1939. In 1940 however, Hudlin was bounced around like a pinball. Starting with the Indians at the beginning of the season, Hudlin played for the Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns and New York Giants all within the span of that 1 season. He would make one last major league appearance in 1944 with the pennant winning St. Louis Browns.

    Hudlin's brief tenure with the Senators lasted from May 18-July 13, 1940 when he appeared in 8 games, starting 6 and going 1-2 with a 6.51 ERA.

    Willis Hudlin career record

    Francis Mortimer (Frank) Kelliher B May 23, 1899 D Mar. 4, 1956

    Another "One Game Wonder", up for a very short cup of coffee with the 1919 Senators, Frank Kelliher appeared for 1 at bat on September 19, 1919. He did not get a hit nor did he appear in the field.

    Frank Kelliher career record

    Frank Octavius Mancuso B May 23, 1918 D Aug. 4, 2007

    Frank Mancuso was the younger brother of Gus Mancuso who played in the major leagues for 17 years. Frank Mancuso was a fine player as well, getting his start as a professional baseball player in 1937 in the farm system of the New York Giants. He actually spent the entire 1939 season with the Giants but never appeared in a game, being relegated to the role of bullpen catcher.

    His baseball career interrupted by World War II, Frank was seriously injured during parachute training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He spent 5 months in an Army hospital and had to endure a number of operations. After recovering, his injuries rendered him unfit for further military service. However, through hard work and determination, he was able to make it back to the major leagues even if it was in a limited capacity.

    Playing for the St. Louis Browns from 1944-1946, his most active season was 1945 when he appeared in 119 games, hitting .268 with 98 hits, including 13 doubles, 3 triples and 1 home run. He finished his major league career in 1947 with the Senators, hitting .229 in 43 games.

    Frank Mancuso career record

    Texas Baseball Hall Of Fame writeup by Bill McCurdy

    SABR biography by Jim Sargent

    Frank Mancuso baseball card (Courtesy of Bill McCurdy)
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      May 24

      1901 After yesterday's 9th inning meltdown by the Nats in Cleveland, Washington turns the tables with a 5 run top of the 9th to tie the Blues. The rally does not result in a win, as the game is called with the score knotted at 5.

      1917 Pale Hose P Reb Russell goes the distance as the White Sox defeat the Sens 1-0 in 12 innings in Chicago.

      1943 Former Yankee and Senator nemesis Lefty Gomez signs with Washington following his release from the Boston Braves. Gomez will lose in his only appearance with the Sens before retiring.

      1951 Behind the two hit pitching of the Tribe's Bob Feller and the hitting of Larry Doby, the Indians trample the Senators 16-0 in Washington. The Sens are currently in the midst of a 9 game losing streak, during which the pitching staff allows 85 runs in those 9 games.

      1958 Two run singles by Eddie Yost, Ron Bridges & Jim Lemon erase a 3-0, top of 8th inning hole as the Sens beat Cleveland 6-3. All the Senators runs are scored in the 6 run, 8th inning eruption.

      1966 Down 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th against the Kansas City A's, PH Don Lock's 2 out, 2 run game winning home run lifts the Senators to a thrilling 2-1 victory.

      Senators Birthdays

      Five more birthdays to note on May 24th...

      Vernon Eugene Curtis B May 24, 1920 D Jun. 24, 1992

      Pitcher Vern Curtis played for the Senators in 1943, 1944 & 1946, appearing in a grand total of 16 games, pitching in 30 innings. He had a W/L record of 0-1 and a career ERA of 5.70.

      Vern Curtis career record

      James Raymond Duckworth B May 24, 1939 Still living

      Jim Duckworth was also a pitcher who played for the Senators in the 1963-1966 seasons. In June of 1966 he was traded to the Kansas City Athletics for Ken (Hawk) Harrelson. A little over a month later he was traded back to Washington for Diego Segui. However, he would not return to the major leagues after his last appearance in a Kansas City uniform.

      His most active season was his rookie year of 1963 when he went 4-12 for a hapless expansion Senators team that would finish at 56-106.

      Jim Duckworth career record

      Guillermo Perez (Willy) Miranda B May 24, 1926 D Sep. 7, 1996

      Yet another of Washington's "Cuban Connection", Willy Miranda, primarily a second baseman/shortstop, got his start in the majors with the Senators in 1951. He only ever appeared in 7 games for Washington. During the offseason he would be traded to the White Sox for Floyd Baker. His baseball journey would also take him to the St. Louis Browns, New York Yankees and end up with the Baltimore Orioles where he spent the last 5 years of his career. His best season offensively would be 1955 when he batted .255, stroking 124 hits in 487 AB.

      Willy Miranda career record

      Ernest Raeford (Mule) Shirley B May 24, 1901 D Aug. 3, 1955

      First baseman Mule Shirley played in 44 games for the Senators in 1924 & 1925. He appeared in 3 World Series games for the 1924 World Championship team, going 1 for 2 at bat.

      Mule Shirley career record

      Clay Van Alstyne B May 24, 1900 D Jan. 5, 1960

      Another pitcher with a short career, Van Alstyne appeared in 6 games with the Senators between August 1927 and May 1928, finishing his major league service with a 0-0 record, 24.1 innings pitched and an ERA of 5.18.

      Clay Van Alstyne career record
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        Frank Mancuso

        The SABR and Bill McCurdy articles about Frank Mancuso were inspiring, moving and touching. The man suffers a broken leg and back while in a paratrooping accident during training in the Army. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, Mancuso comes back and plays the game that he loves again for 11 years and serves the city of Houston as a respected city councilman for 30 years.

        Some think that a career minor leaguer who plays 12 years in the bushes before getting their major league chance is inspiring, but it pales in comparison to the character of Frank Mancuso.


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          May 25

          1908 An unusual occurrence happens in today's game in the nation's capital. Detroit scores an unearned run in the 3rd against Sens P "Sleepy" Bill Burns, but do not collect a hit until there are 2 out in the 9th inning. The future middle man in the 1919 World Series fix, "Sleepy" Bill drops the 1-0 decision.

          1911 Ty Cobb raps 2 hits of Walter Johnson, but the "Big Train" and the Senators hand the Tigers a 6-2 defeat.

          1912 Johnson breaks the jaw of New York SS Jack Martin with a fastball. Martin will be out of action for 5 weeks. Meanwhile, the Senators drop 2 to the woeful Highlanders 6-3 and 9-5 at Hilltop Park.

          1919 Looking to add insurance runs to a 4-3 lead in the top of the 8th inning at Chicago, Sox CF Happy Felsch starts a triple play to halt a potential big inning by the Sens. In the home half of the 8th, Chicago scores 2 runs off Walter Johnson to win 5-4.

          1924 Another losing season appears set as the Sens drop a frustrating 10-9 loss to Chicago in D.C. The Senators now sit in 6th place, at 13-17, 5.5 GB 1st place co-holders New York and Boston. It appears that the squad is not responding to new player/manager Bucky Harris and a change may be imminent if the team does not turn it around soon.

          1926 The Senators out slug the Athletics 17-12 in the opener of a doubleheader in Philadelphia, scoring 11 runs in the 5th. Philadelphia's Mickey Cochrane's 3 run homer in game 2 is the difference as the Senators are edged 7-6.

          1944 On Mel Harder Appreciation Night in Cleveland, the Nats prove to be inhospitable guests as they down Harder and the Indians 4-2. Mickey Haefner picks up the win for Washington.

          1965 In Washington, Ken McMullen, Jim King and Ken Hamlin's homers pace the Senators to a 7-3 victory over the L.A. Angels. In the second match of this twinbill, the Sens hold on for 6-5 win. Frank Howard homers and drives in 2, while Ed Brinkman knocks in 3 for the Sens.

          Senators Birthdays

          Joseph Ignatius Judge B May 25, 1894 D Mar. 11, 1963

          Brooklyn-born first baseman Joe Judge would appear in his first game with the Senators in September of 1915. From 1916 through 1930 Judge would be a fixture at first base for Washington appearing in over 100 games a season.

          Judge stood 5' 8.5" tall, certainly not typical for a first baseman. However, he led the American League 5 times in fielding average. In 1922 Washington set a then major league record by completing 161 double plays.

          Judge was also an excellent hitter-he hit over .300 for 9 seasons while playing for the Senators, his best year 1920 when he hit .333. While never much of a long ball threat (playing half your games in spacious Griffith Stadium would do that to a guy) he finished his career with 2,352 hits, including 433 doubles, 159 triples and 71 home runs.

          Playing for the World Championship team of 1924, Judge hit .385 in the World Series. In 1925 his series average dropped but he did manage a home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

          After playing for the Senators from 1915-1932, Judge was on the roster of the Brooklyn Dodgers for 42 games in 1933, finishing the season with the Boston Red Sox. 10 more games with the Red Sox in 1934, when he still hit .333 ended his career. A disciplined hitter, Judge would have 7,898 AB in his 20 year career with only 478 strike outs, an average of 1 strike out per 16.5 AB.

          Joe Judge career record

          For an in-depth writeup on Joe Judge:

          Joe Judge on Wikipedia

          A recently (2004) published book titled "Damn Senators: My Grandfather and the Story of Washington's Only World Series" by his grandson, Mark Gauvreau Judge is an excellent reference.

          James Norman Riley B May 25, 1895 D May 25, 1969

          Jim Riley got to sample the major league coffee twice-once in 1921 when he appeared in 4 games for the St. Louis Browns as a second baseman, and again in 1923 when he appeared in 2 games for the Washington Senators. In 14 AB in the majors, Riley had no hits and 1 run scored.

          Jim Riley career record
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            May 26

            Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend.

            1918 In 3 plate appearances, Walter Johnson helps himself to 2 hits and a walk. On the mound, Johnson pitches a complete game, 4 hitter over visiting Detroit 4-0, extending his scoreless innings streak to 40.

            1920 First sacker Joe Judge is 5-for-5 on the day as the Sens whip Cleveland 13-9 at Griffith.

            1930 The Senators reach their high water mark of the year with a 10-7 shootout win over the Yanks in New York. Judge and Goose Goslin accomplish a major league first by homering back-to-back twice in the same ballgame. The first place Sens move to 26-10, 4 games ahead of second place Philadelphia.

            1954 For the first time in 3 years, the Senators defeat the Yanks' Ed Lopat. Three successive 2 out singles by the Nats in the bottom of the 9th enables the Nats to slip by New York 2-1. Coming into this tilt, Lopat had won 12 straight against Washington.

            1959 In a swap of outfielders, Washington ships 1958 AL Rookie of the Year Albie Pearson to Baltimore for Lenny Green. Pearson had lost his starting CF job to Bob Allison.

            1964 Despite a cycle from RF Jim King, the Sens fall to the Red Sox at Fenway 3-2.

            Senators Birthdays

            James Thomas Mahoney B May 26, 1934 Still Living

            Second baseman (and occasional shortstop) Jim Mahoney got his start in professional baseball in the Phillies organiztion in 1953. Sometime during that year he was picked up by the Red Sox where he would make his major league debut in 1959, playing in 30 games for Boston.

            He was selected by the expansion Senators in the 1960 draft, appearing in 43 games for Washington in 1961.

            Traded to Cleveland, along with Dick Donovan and Gene Green in exchange for Jim Piersall, he would appear in 41 games for the 1962 Indians.

            He would resurface for 5 games for the 1965 Houston Astros where his major league career would end.

            For the Senators he had 26 hits in 108 AB for a .241 BA.

            Jim Mahoney career record

            Frank Roland Ragland B May 26, 1904 D Jul. 28, 1959

            Pitcher Frank Ragland appeared in 12 games for the 1932 Senators, compiling a 1-0 record, with an ERA of 7.41 in 37.2 innings pitched.

            In 1933 he would go 0-4 for the Phillies, appearing in 11 games.

            Frank Ragland career record
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              May 27

              1911 Boston P Ray Collins is roughed up in the Sens 9-4 win in Washington. P "Long" Tom Hughes gets the victory.

              1925 The Nats edge the the 1st place Athletics 10-9 at Shibe Park. Walter Johnson picks up his 7th consecutive victory.

              1928 Behind the pitching of Bump Hadley, the Nats halt a season worst 9 game losing streak with a 4-1 win over Philadelphia.

              1953 Mickey Vernon extends his hitting streak to 20 games, but the Ed Lopat and Yanks double up the Sens 3-1 at Yankee Stadium. The win begins an 18 game winning streak for the Bronx Bombers.

              1954 With President Eisenhower on hand to present Mickey Vernon with a Silver Bat to commemorate Vernon's 1953 batting crown, the Senators score 6 unearned runs to defeat the Yanks 7-3 in Griffith. Vernon goes hitless in this contest, as Chuck Stobbs gets the win.

              1955 At Fenway, rookie 1B Norm Zauchin of Boston homers 3 times and drives in 10 in the first 5 innings as the Red Sox rout the Sens 16-0.

              1960 Despite fanning 13 Red Sox, Camilo Pasqual suffers his third loss of the year to Boston, as the Senators bow to the Sox 4-3 in Washington.

              1965 2B Tim Cullen goes 4-for-5, with 2 RBI, CF Hank Allen and LF Frank Howard each collect 2 hits as the Sens win a laugher at Tiger Stadium 8-1. Tigers starting P Mickey Lolich fails to record an out in the 6 run Senators 1st inning. Camilo Pasqual fires a 7 hit complete game for Washington.

              1973 Hope is raised for baseball fans in D.C. as San Diego Padres owner C. Arnholdt Smith announces that he is selling the Padres to Washington grocery chain owner Joseph Danzansky. Danzansky announces that he will move the Padres to Washington in time for the 1974 season. Despite the Padres having the lowest attendance in the NL for the first 5 seasons of their existence, NL owners stall on a vote to move the team, wishing not to abandon the San Diego market. After eight months of backroom dealing, politics, lawsuits, double dealing and general turmoil, Danzansky withdraws his offer and the Pads are sold to McDonald's founder Ray Kroc.

              Senators Birthday

              John Ludwig (Johnny) Welaj B May 27, 1914 D Sep. 13, 2003

              Outfielder Johhy Welaj began his major league career in 1939 with the Senators, His best season at the plate was his rookie year when he hit .274 in 63 games. In 1940 he appeared in 88 games but his BA dropped 18 points. After 49 games in 1941 he had a brief hiatus from the major leagues but would return for 93 games for the Philadelphia Athletics.

              Johnny Welaj career record
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                I remember the 'purchase' of the Padres by Dazansky. WTTG broadcast a couple of Padres/Mets games after the announcement. Lindsay Nelson (the Mets broadcaster) welcomed DC fans to the National League.

                The NL Owners were apparently concerned about the financial package put together by Dazansky to buy the Padres and by objections thatthe Phillies were raising about an NL franchise relocating to 'their' territory.

                For whatever reason, there were also reports that MLB simply didn't beleive tht the DC Metro area was capable of sustaining a major league baseball franchise (too many people leaving for long summer vacations, too humid in the summertime to watch baseball, etc.).


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                  May 28

                  1903 A 5-4 loss to the Boston Americans at the Huntington Avenue Grounds in Boston starts a 9 game losing streak for Washington. Tom Loftus's men will complete the year with a last place, 43-94 record, 47.5 GB the pennant winning Americans.

                  1920 With Clyde Milan going 5-for-5, the Senators hold off the rebuilding A's 6-4 in Philly. Eric Erickson is the Sens winning pitcher.

                  1927 Making his first start of the year, NY P Wilcy Moore is handed a 3-2 loss in the second game of a doubleheader in New York. Indicative of the rough play of the time, the Nats score the decisive run in the 8th when Firbo Marbarry scoots home as player/manager Bucky Harris spikes Lou Gehrig at first base. Tris Speaker of the Sens plays the first game, an 8-2 loss, with a fractured thumb.

                  1935 In just his second start since being purchased from the Browns, Bobo Newsom takes an Earl Averill line drive off his knee. It is not discovered until after the Sens 5-4 loss to Cleveland that Newsom broke his kneecap. The loss begins a Senators 8 game losing streak.

                  1941 With 25,000 on hand to witness Griffith Stadium's first night game, the Yanks spoil the occasion with a 6-5 win.

                  1946 Before 49,917 on hand to watch the first ever night game in Yankee Stadium, the Sens gain a measure of revenge with a 2-1 victory.

                  1955 Following yesterday's 16-0 debacle, former BoSox hurler Mickey McDermott's homer starts a 5 run uprising in the 6th as Washington upends Boston 5-3 at Fenway. In his first game of the season, Ted Williams singles in his first plate appearance.

                  Senators Birthdays

                  William Joseph (Whispering Bill) Barrett B May 28, 1900 D Jan. 26, 1951

                  "Whispering Bill" Barrett spent 9 years in the major leagues, from 1921-1930, with the Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Sox, Boston Red Sox, and capping off his career appearing in 6 games for the Washington Senators.

                  Primarily an outfielder, he also appeared at every infield postion and even pitched in 4 games for the Athletics. The only position he never appeared at was catcher. In 81 games for the 1925 White Sox, he hit .363.

                  Bill Barrett career record

                  Robert Leroy Kuzava B May 28, 1923 Still living

                  Pitcher Bob Kuzava spent 10 years in the major leagues, from 1946 through 1957, playing for 8 teams, 5 in the American and 3 in the National Leagues. Appearing for the Senators in 1950 and 1951 he managed records of 8-7 and 3-3 respectively.

                  Bob Kuzava career record

                  Stephen Nagy B May 28, 1919 Still living

                  Steve Nagy pitched briefly for the Pirates in 1947 and returned to the majors in 1950 when he appeared in 9 games for the Senators. His Washington effort shows a W/L record of 2-5 with an ERA of 6.58 in 53.1 innings pitched.

                  Steve Nagy career record
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                    May 29

                    1912 Boston batters draw 15 walks and tag Nats pitching with 18 hits and 21 runs in a 21-8 shellacking at Fenway. The Sens score 11 runs in the second game, but it is still not enough as the Red Sox win 12-11.

                    1917 The Boston pitching duo of Dutch Leonard and Babe Ruth quiet the Senators bats in a doubleheader sweep, 2-1 and 9-0, in Washington.

                    1920 Water Johnson hits the first two batters he faces, then mows down Philadelphia 5-0 in the nitecap of another doubleheader. The visiting Sens also take game one, 11-5, behind the pitching of Tom Zachary.

                    1942 In 1942, Yankees P Lefty Gomez will collect 5 hits for the year. 4 of them come in today's game in the Bronx as the Yanks mop up Bucky Harris men 16-1.

                    1952 The Senators set a ML record in Boston. By stranding no runners on base today and only stranding two yesterday, The Sens establish the record for fewest baserunners left on base in two straight games. Unfortunately, Sens batters are unable to reach base, as Boston's Mickey McDermott faces the minimum 27 hitters in a 1-0 win for the Red Sox. Mel Hoderlein gets Washington's only safety, but he is erased on a double play.

                    1956 Replacing an injured Pete Runnels at 2B, Harmon Killebrew belts two homers and 3 RBI as Washington gets the best of Baltimore, 6-5 at Memorial Stadium. Sens LHP Dean Stone ups his record to 2-0.

                    1959 President Eisenhower and his grandson, David, are in attendance for today's afternoon game with Boston. Ike and his grandson witness a Senator 7-6 victory, with Killebrew clouting a home run. David receives Killebrew's autograph on the home run ball after the game.

                    1966 Nats hurler Phil Ortega strikes out 7 consecutive Red Sox batters, tying a ML record. Don Lock's 3 run homer in the bottom of the 1st inning is just enough, as the Sens hold on for the 3-2 win.

                    1967 In one of the better expansion Senator trades, the Sens deal P Pete Richert to the Orioles for P Frank Bertaina and 1B Mike Epstein.

                    Senators Birthday

                    John Edward Kennedy B May 29, 1941 Still living

                    Infielder John Kennedy started his 12 year major league career with the expansion Senators in 1962. He would also appear on the roster of the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Boston Red Sox. He appeared in 2 World Series with the 1965/1966 Dodgers.

                    After spending 3 seasons in Washington, he would be traded to the Dodgers, along with Claude Osteen, for Frank Howard, Ken McMullen, Dick Nen, Phil Ortega and Pete Richert.

                    A late season call up in 1962, his rookie appearance with the Senators was his best in Washington, when he hit .262, going 11 for 42 in 14 games.

                    John Kennedy career record
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                      May 30

                      1912 Floundering with a 17-21 record, the Senators purchase the contract of 1B Chick Gandil from Montreal of the International League. With Manager Griffith immediately placing Gandil in the lineup, the Sens reel off 17 straight wins to rise from 6th to 2nd place.

                      1913 Harry Hooper of Boston leads off both ends of a Memorial Day doubleheader in D.C. with home runs. Washington take game one, 4-3, while Hooper's home run is the difference of game two, a 1-0 loss for Washington.

                      1927 After being sidelined with a broken foot, the Big Train makes his inaugural appearance of the year. Johnson fires his 110th, and final, career shutout as Washington defeats the Red Sox, 3-0. Behind the pitching of Bump Hadley in the second game, the hometown Senators steamroll the Sox, 13-5.

                      1934 In a noteworthy doubleheader, the Sens split a pair with New York. Nats P Earl Whitehill sees his no hit bid broken by a 9th inning single by the Yanks' Ben Chapman. Nonetheless, Whitehill and Washington edge Lefty Gomez and the Yanks, 1-0. The Yankees score in the top of the 11th in the nitecap to give spitballer, Burleigh Grimes, his 269th and final victory of his career, 5-4.

                      1952 Eddie Yost's 3-run homer provides the win for the Senators, 5-2 in Boston. The Sox even the twinbill with a 5-3 victory, as Boston's Mel Parnell wins his 17th straight decision over the Sens.

                      1954 Washington P Mickey McDermott shuts down the A's, 6-0, in the front end of a doubleheader in Philadelphia. The Sens miss a golden opportunity for the sweep when the A's Ed McGhee hits a pinch hit, bases loaded double in the bottom of the ninth to give the Senators a 6-5 loss.

                      1956 Camilo Pascual is the victim of a legendary Yankee Stadium home run by Mickey Mantle. Leading off the bottom of the 5th, Mantle's blast comes within inches of being hit out of the stadium. According to legend, the ball was still rising when it struck the upper stand facade in right field, approximately 396 feet from home plate. Had the ball not struck the facade, it would have been the first and, so far, only home run ever hit out of Yankee Stadium. Mantle's homer put the New Yorkers in the lead for good as the Yanks whip the Senators 12-5. Mantle also homers off Pedro Ramos in game one, a 3 run shot, as the Yanks sneak by the Sens, 4-3.

                      1961 The Sens stop their expansion cousins, the Angels, 5-1 at Griffith. Ed Hobaugh of Washington strikes out 8 in a 6 hit complete game effort.

                      1964 Cleveland's Leon "Daddy Wags" Wagner collects 5 hits in 5 plate appearances as the Indians bulldoze the Nats, 10-2 in RFK.

                      1968 Mantle is 5-for-5, with 2 homers and 5 RBI, in an opening game, 13-4 Yanks cakewalk. Washington bounces back to earn the split with a 6-2 victory behind Camilo Pasqual and Darold Knowles.

                      Senators Birthday

                      The stork "rides the pine" today as no Senators players were born on May 30th.
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                        May 31

                        1920 In a morning-afternoon doubleheader at the Polo Grounds, the Yankees outscore the Senators, 7-6 and 10-7. In the early bird contest, Sens reliever Al Schacht gives up 3 ninth inning runs for the 7-6 Sens defeat. 38,000 fans on hand for the PM tilt witness Walter Johnson's 4.2 innings of ineffective relief. Babe Ruth clouts a gargantuan 8th inning homer off Johnson, as the Griffmen fall, 10-7, despite 4 stolen bases by the Sens Braggio Roth.

                        1921 Washington plates 7 runs in the home second off the Yanks Waite Hoyt. The Sens pound out 8 consecutive safeties off Hoyt in the inning to win going away, 11-5.

                        1931 In a 7 inning shortened game in Washington, Nats pitching is able to stop Yanks OF Earle Combs 29 game hitting streak. Nevertheless, the Yankees prevail, 4-2.

                        1932 SS Joe Cronin hits a game tying home run in the top of the 9th off Philadelphia's Tony Freitas. The Senators will break the tie in the 12th inning to edge the A's, 5-4.

                        1950 The Senators and White Sox make a 6 player trade today. Washington trades 1B Eddie Robinson, P Ray Scarborough and 2B Al Kozar to Chicago for P Bob Kuzava, 2B Cass Michaels and OF John Ostrowski.

                        1959 Bob Turley of the Yanks throws a 2 hitter, shutting out the Sens, 3-0, in Griffith. Moose Skowron's 3-run, 9th inning homer off Camilio Pascual is all the scoring. 1B Julio Becquer and C Hal Naragon collect the only 2 hits off Turley.

                        Senators Birthday

                        Jackie Gene Brown B May 31, 1943 Still living

                        Pitcher Jackie Brown started his major league career with the Senators in 1970. In his 2 years in Washington he appeared in a total of 38 games, going 2-2 in 1970, 3-4 in 1971.

                        He didn't appear in the majors in 1972 but returned with the Texas Rangers in 1973. He also played for the Cleveland Indians and Montreal Expos before his 7 year career ended in 1977.

                        Jackie Brown career record
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                          June 1

                          1916 Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth lock up in a pitching duel at Fenway. Ruth allows 3 hits and the Red Sox nick Johnson and the Nats, 1-0.

                          1925 Ruth makes his first appearance of the year, returning from his infamous "Bellyache Heard Around The World", and is 0-for-2 before departing in the 6th. Lou Gehirg pinch hits for SS Pee Wee Wanniger in the bottom of the 9th, beginning Gehirg's historic consecutive games played streak. Meanwhile, the defending World Champs knock off the Yanks, 5-3.

                          1944 In St. Louis, the Sens Stan Spence is 6-for-6 with 5 singles and a homer, as the Sens deflate the Browns, 11-5.

                          1961 The expansion Senators score 3 in the bottom of the 9th to defeat the Angels, 3-2. Gene Woodling's 2 out, 2-run double off LA pitcher Ryne Duren wins it.

                          1967 Behind a 4 hit, complete game effort from Camilo Pascual, the Senators complete a 2 game sweep of the Angels at RFK, 1-0. Bob Saverine drives in Ed Brinkman with an RBI single in the 3rd for the games only run.

                          Senators Birthdays

                          A "Lucky 7" birthdays to report as we start the month of June...

                          John Francis (Jack) Kralick B Jun. 1, 1935 Still living

                          Pitcher Jack Kralick first appeared with the original Senators in April of 1959, appearing in 6 games. He stuck with the team in 1960 appearing in 35 games, compiling a 8-6 record.

                          Moving west with the Senators to Minnesota in 1961, he stayed with the team through part of the 1963 season when he joined the Cleveland Indians where he stayed until his major league career ended in April of 1967.

                          Jack Kralick career record

                          Thomas Agustus Long B Jun. 1, 1890 D Jun. 15, 1972

                          Outfielder Tom Long first appeared with the Senators for 14 games at the end of the 1911 season. In 48 AB, he recorded 11 hits, including 3 doubles, for a .229 average. He returned for 1 game with the Senators in 1912 where he went hitless in his only AB.

                          He returned to the majors in 1915 with the St. Louis Cardinals, appearing in over 100 games a year from 1915 through 1917.

                          Tom Long career record

                          Raymond Leroy Moore B Jun. 1, 1926 D Mar. 2, 1995

                          Pitcher Ray Moore began his career with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1952, appearing in 14 games where he went 1-2. After 1 game with the Dodgers in 1953, he wouldn't make it back to the majors until 1955 with the Baltimore Orioles. He was with the Orioles through 1957 and had some decent seasons there. In 1958 his baseball travels took him to the Chicago White Sox through 1960 when he split the season with the White Sox and the Senators. Along with the previously mentioned Jack Kralick, Moore was another who went west with the original Senators to become a Minnesota Twin, where he ended his baseball days in 1963.

                          During his time with the Senators he appeared in 37 games, compiling a 3-2 record with a 2.88 ERA.

                          Personal aside: I'll always remember Ray Moore-as a 7 year old in 1961, Ray Moore's Topps card was the first card I saw when I opened the first pack of cards I ever purchased. For those of you who may be of a similar age, you'll recall that cards were 5 cents a pack for 5 cards and a piece of petrified bubblegum that I wasn't allowed to chew on the advice of our family dentist.

                          Ray Moore career record

                          Kenneth Lee McMullen B Jun. 1, 1942 Still living

                          Ken McMullen spent 16 years in the major leagues, primarily as a 3rd baseman, in a career that started with the LA Dodgers, but also found him with the Washington Senators from 1965-1970 (he was a part of the trade that sent Claude Osteen to LA for Frank Howard and others-see John Kennedy, May 29th). After 15 games in Washington in 1970, he would join the California Angels, spend a second stint with the LA Dodgers, play for the Oakland Athletics in 1976 and finish his career in 1977 with the Milwaukee Brewers.

                          Probably his best year as a Senator was 1970 when he hit .272. Playing in 158 games he stroked 153 hits including 25 doubles, 2 triples and 19 home runs.

                          Ken McMullen career record

                          Harry Kenneth (Duke) Sedgwick B Jun. 1, 1898 D Dec. 4, 1982

                          Duke Sedgwick played for the Phillies in the 1921 season where he appeared in 16 games. In 1923 he returned to the majors with the Senators, appearing in 5 games, with 16 IP and a record of 0-1.

                          Duke Sedgwick career record

                          Henry Levai Severeid B Jun. 1, 1891 D Dec. 17, 1968

                          Hank Severeid played in the majors for 15 years starting with the Cincinnati Reds in 1911. He did not appear in the major leagues in 1914 but would return in 1915 to play 11 seasons with the St. Louis Browns. Splitting his time in 1925 between the Browns and the Senators, he donned the Senators uniform for 50 games. After another 22 games in Washington in 1926 he finished his playing days with the Yankees that same season.

                          In 1925, he went 39 for 110, good for a .355 BA in the employ of Washington.

                          Hank Severeid career record

                          Ewart Gladstone (Dixie) Walker B Jun. 1, 1887 D Nov. 14, 1965

                          NOT the Dixie Walker who gained fame patrolling the Brooklyn outfield in the 1940's, this is his lesser known father who was a pitcher for the Washington Senators from 1909-1912.

                          First appearing in a Senators uniform in September of 1909, his best season was 1910 when he went 11-11 with a 3.30 ERA.

                          Another son, Harry (The Hat) Walker, was also a National League player and manager for many years. Dixie, the elder, had a brother named Ernie who was a St. Louis Browns outfielder from 1913-1915.

                          Dixie Walker career record
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                            June 2

                            1902 During the 3rd inning of today's game vs. Chicago, Washington uncorks 3 home runs off Sox P Clark Griffith in a 12-0 victory. Ed Delahanty, Bill Coughlin and George Carey all connect off the “Silver Fox”, as Wyatt Lee gets the win for the Nats.

                            1918 Walter Johnson and Cleveland's Jim Bagby match zeros for 10 innings. The Tribe nick Johnson for the winning run in the bottom of the 11th to win, 1-0.

                            1925 Washington acquires INF Buddy Myer from New Orleans of the Southern Association. The two-time All Star would play 14 of his 16 season in Washington.

                            1932 The Sens dust off the Red Sox in a twin bill at Fenway, 6-4 and 8-1. Boston P Danny McFayden drops his 14th straight to Washington in the opener, tying a ML record by pitchers for most consecutive losses to one team.

                            1950 With the Brown's Hank Arft going 5-for-5, the Browns drop the Senators, 10-5. The Browns cap off today's doubleheader sweep at Griffith by coasting to a 9-3 win. St. Louis winning pitcher, Harry Dorish, becomes the last AL pitcher to steal home in game two.

                            1959 Light hitting Sens SS Ron Sanford connects for a solo home run in the top of the 10th as the Sens defeat the Indians, 3-2. Bob Allison hits his 10th of the year, a solo shot in the 6th off Mudcat Grant.

                            1961 Hard luck P Dick Donovan finally scores his first win of the season in a 12-4 win over visiting Kansas City. Donovan receives more run support in this start (12) than he had in his previous 5 starts combined (11).

                            1965 It's a happy homecoming for two former Dodgers, Frank Howard and Ken McMullen. The Senators rout the Angels in a doubleheader at Dodger Stadium, 13-0 and 7-1. Howard is 3-for-5, with 2 homers and 4 RBI, while Joe Cunningham goes 3 for 4 with a homer and 5 RBI in the opener. Phil Ortega tosses a 5 hit complete game to collect the easy win. McMullen is the star of the nitecap with 3 hits, 2 RBI and a home run. Bennie Daniels earns his 4th win, with Ron Kline getting his 13th save.

                            Senators Birthdays

                            Hubert Burley (Lefty) Atkinson B Jun. 2, 1906 D Feb. 12, 1961

                            Another "One Game Wonder", Lefty Atkinson's cup of coffee with the Washington Senators came on August 5th, 1927. Credited with 1 at bat, no hits and 1 run scored, Lefty would disappear from the major leagues after his one short day.

                            Lefty Atkinson career record

                            Marshall Bridges B Jun. 2, 1931 D Sep. 3, 1990

                            Pitcher Marshall Bridges spent 7 years in the major leagues, playing for 4 different teams. Starting with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1959, he also wore the uniform of the Reds, Yankees and finished off his career with the Senators in 1964 & 1965.

                            He appeared in 17 games for the Senators in 1964 and 40 games in 1965 pitching in 87.1 innings over those 2 years.

                            Marshall Bridges career record

                            Charles Claude Jones B Jun. 2, 1876 D Apr. 2, 1947

                            Charlie Jones spent 6 years in the American League. As a "charter" American Leaguer, he first played for the Boston franchise in 1901 when they were known as the Americans. Returning to the AL in 1904, he appeared in 5 games for the Chicago White Stockings. 1905-1907 would be his most active seasons, when he appeared in over 120 games a year with the Senators. He would end his career with the St. Louis Browns in 1908. Primarily an outfielder, Jones also filled in at 1st, 2nd & short.

                            His best year at the plate for the Senators was 1907 when he hit .265, going 116 for 437 in 121 games.

                            Charlie Jones career record

                            Robert Paul Saverine B Jun. 2, 1941 Still living

                            Bob Saverine first appeared in 1 major league game with the Baltimore Orioles in 1959. He wouldn't be back in the majors until 1962 when he spent 3 years on the Orioles' roster. After another hiatus from the majors in 1965, he would end his career with the Senators in 1966 & 1967.

                            A utility infielder, Saverine would also play in the outfield. Appearing in 120 games with the Senators in 1966 he hit .251.

                            Bob Saverine career record

                            Hollis John (Sloppy) Thurston B Jun. 2, 1899 D Sep. 14, 1973

                            Pitcher Sloppy Thurston played in 2 games with the St. Louis Browns in 1923 and then spent the remainder of the season, and the next 3 years with the Chicago White Sox.

                            He spent 1927 on the roster of the Washington Senators, going 13-13 with a 4.47 ERA.

                            Thurston would not appear in a major league game again until 1930, when he played for 4 years in Brooklyn, finishing in 1933.

                            "Sloppy" Thurston career record
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                              On June 2 1968 (forty years ago!), one of the most memorable games in Senators (if not baseball) history took place.

                              In the second game of a double header against the Tribe, Jim Hannan of the Nats gave up a double and a homer in the first inning and then retired the next 24 batters in a row!

                              In the 9th, Hannan gave up a triple and then a single.

                              Jim Hannan gave up only four hits: a single, a double, a triple and a homer. As far as I can tell, this is the only time in the history of baseball that a pitcher has pitched a cycle!


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                                Originally posted by TallIndian View Post

                                On June 2 1968 (forty years ago!), one of the most memorable games in Senators (if not baseball) history took place.

                                In the second game of a double header against the Tribe, Jim Hannan of the Nats gave up a double and a homer in the first inning and then retired the next 24 batters in a row!

                                In the 9th, Hannan gave up a triple and then a single.

                                Jim Hannan gave up only four hits: a single, a double, a triple and a homer. As far as I can tell, this is the only time in the history of baseball that a pitcher has pitched a cycle!
                                Good catch, TI! The funny thing is that, according to what Hannan said years later, after he gave up the runs in the 1st, his first 3 outs were all flyballs that would have been homers had the Sens outfielders not pulled them back in! Another humorous tidbit is that Hannan's teammates did not know he was throwing a 'perfect game', but the Cleveland bench was aware.

                                I don't know, or have heard, of another pitcher pitching for the cycle, but if there is one, it was probably a Senators pitcher! And, hopefully, they got the win like Hannan did.