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Books about the Senators?

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  • Books about the Senators?

    Are there any books about the Sens? I'm searching for books about the 1901-1960 and the expansion Senators. Thanks.

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    A starting point...


    Here's your summer reading list .

    (Come to think of it, since I've been out of high school for almost 40 years now, do schools still even issue reading lists anymore?)

    Try these titles:

    Washington Senators 1901-1971 by Tom Deveaux
    (ISBN 0-7864-2359-5)

    Washington's Expansion Senators 1961-1971 by James R. Hartley, Corduroy Press

    They've Stolen Our Team! subtitled "A Chronology and Recollection of the 1960 Washington Senators" by David Gough (may be difficult to find-and a bit pricey.)

    Damn Senators: My Grandfather and the Story of Washington's Only World Series by Mark Gauvreau Judge (Grandson of Joe Judge). (Title is a bit misleading-while the Senators only had one World Series win, in 1924, they did win the American League pennant in 1925 & 1933 as well.)

    The Washington Nationals 1859 to Today: The Story of Baseball in the Nations Capital by Frederic J. Frommer.

    There are a couple of books about Walter Johnson and Moe Berg that I have in my library and a number of years ago there was a book written about Frank Howard titled "Gentle Giant" IIRC.

    Hope that will get you started.
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      Thanks, Aa3rt. That list will more than get me started. I don't know either if high schools issue reading lists anymore. I know they did when I was in high school, but I graduated a "few" years ago. :o


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