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Living History: Finding Walter Johnson

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    Walter Johnson retired when I was only 5 yrs old and anyone who had seen him pitch must be gone. In "Glory of their Times,Ty Cobb mentioned the easy motion and how quickly the ball arrived; in Ty`s words "the thing hissed with danger" Sam Crawfords story about giving Walter bats and then getting gift hits if Walter was ahead was an insight into what a fine man he was. Along that line I once read something by Clyde Milan, Washington centerfielder and Walters roommate of several years, that it was`nt uncommon for him for him to "groove" one if he was well ahead. His favorite receipients were veterans who were struggling and looking to be sent down or released and rookies who were having trouble with the major league pitching. Clyde related in one game Walter got a large lead early and a rookie kid who was about to be sent down because he was`nt living up to expectations, was given 3 3/.4 speed fastballs and was 3for 3. When he came up the 4th time he popped up, and Clyde said, Walter was more dissapointed than the kid was.
    Imagine that happening today.


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