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    It seems as if the Minnesota Twins has erased there Washington Senators history. Its like they act as if they never exsisted. Just look at the minnesota twins history page on there site http:// They do not have Washington history on their timeline. Also their is no senator in the Twins hall of fame and their is no retired number of any former senators. They should look at the total franchise, not just 1960 and on. Its very sad for Walter Johnson the best pitcher of their franchise maybe the best pitcher ever is basicly ignored. What do you think of this?
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    go sox.


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    The Washington Senators history belongs to the city they played in and to those who followed baseball in D.C. Those teams died when the franchises moved to Minnesota and Texas. Minnesota and Texas have no right to the history of baseball played by an entirely different team in an entirely different city.

    See Brooklyn Dodgers.


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      So the Nationals should be honouring Mathewson and others like him?

      And do you think they will?
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        Originally posted by runningshoes53
        So the Nationals should be honouring Mathewson and others like him?

        And do you think they will?
        You must not mean Mathewson, I'm assuming you mean Johnson.

        The way I see it the answer is no, Walter Johnson and others past connected to baseball in D.C. shouldn't be associated with the current Nationals. Those players were members of other teams belonging to different franchises. They will, however, be connencted with baseball history in D.C. I don't want the Nationals to claim the Expos and their history either. Leave that to the baseball fans of Montreal. The Expos are those fans history, memories.

        This topic has been discussed several times in connection with the move of the Montreal franchise to Washington. More often with the move of the Dodgers from Brooklyn to L.A. Basically, my opinion is the Expos died and their history should stay in that city and with its fans. 2005 was the first year of the Nationals existance. Records for this current D.C. team should begin with this year. Washington Senators records should be kept apart from Nationals records. For example, Jose Gulllien holds this teams record for homeruns with 24. He is not out to top Frank Howard in the HR department. Livan Hernandez holds the Nationals record for wins with 15. He is not having to surpass Walter Johnson to become the record holder. Separate teams, separate records. Neither Gullien or Hernandez would have to supass like records of any Expo. Again, separate teams, separate records. You'll find most, if not all, long time Expos fans of this board feel the same.

        edit: The media guide published by the Nationals in 2005 listed the records of the Senators, Nationals and Expos in separate and distinct sections. Also note the Nationals assigned the uniform number 30 to pitcher Mike Stanton last season. The Expos retired that number in honor of Tim Raines.
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