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Remaining Senators I players/coaches that are alive?

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  • Remaining Senators I players/coaches that are alive?

    Does anyone have an up-to-date list on the remaining Senators (I) team that are still with us? It would be very nice to have a current list for the Senators (I) that are alive, and I would appreciate the contributions to the list.

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    I wish I knew...

    Solair Wright-I have asked this same question at the Washington Senators Yahoo Group that I belong to with negative results. If this information is available somewhere I've yet to run across it.

    I dont know if you've been following the "This Date In Washington Senators History" thread at the top of this forum, but I'm planning on compiling this information myself once the thread is completed, hopefully in April.

    I'm planning on generating lists of surviving Senators for both the original and expansion franchises-complicated slightly by the fact that there were 9 players who played for both.
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