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Ossie Alvarez -- 1958 Senators

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  • Ossie Alvarez -- 1958 Senators

    I would appreciate it if anybody can provide contact information for this man, another of the many Cuban Senators.

    My main goal here is to enable friends from Cuba to ask Sr. Alvarez what he may know about another Cuban major-leaguer who apparently was his good friend, René "El Látigo" Valdez (known as Gutiérrez at home). Valdez, who briefly pitched for the Dodgers in 1957, may have passed away in Mexico some time ago. This is not currently reflected in the standard baseball references.

    If we can find Sr. Alvarez, my friends can place a call and get the information about the life or death of Valdez. This would be a nice historical find.

    Please send me a PM if you prefer. Thank you.

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    Sr. Alvarez is today a director of the Mexican National Baseball Academy. This is located in Monterrey, also home of the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame. However, it appears that Ossie lives in Guadalajara, where he played ball in the '60s after his MLB career was over. He has been involved in scouting and I believe he may be a bird dog for the Reds organization now.

    PS: It appears René Valdez is still with us.


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