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Washington Senators Hall of Fame?

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  • Washington Senators Hall of Fame?

    Can anyone help me find some more information about either a Washington Senators Hall of Fame or a Washington DC Sports Hall of Fame. I know that there is a Hall of Stars or Ring of Stars at RFK Stadium for all the sports in DC. But, I was wondering if there was a Hall of Fame of some sort that was specific to baseball and the Senators, in particular. I have found very little on the internet.

    The real matter of my question is, has Muddy Ruel ever been considered or inducted into a Senators' Hall of Fame? If not, why not? Based on some of the names of the Senators in the Hall of Stars at RFK, I am curious as to why Muddy Ruel's name is not on that list. I was just curious if there is a separate list of stars other than the Hall of Stars at RFK.

    Thank you.

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