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One year wonder Irv Waldron

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  • One year wonder Irv Waldron

    Anybody know anything about this mysterious one-year wonder?
    Waldron split the 1901 season between the then-Milwaukee Brewers and the Senators. And it was a very solid year.
    Waldron led the AL in Games, Plate Appearances and official AtBats, finished 4th with 186 total hits, 2nd (to Nap Lajoie) with 155 singles, batted a solid .311, scored 102 runs, drove in 52 and was never heard from in the Major Leagues again!
    He was apparently by the Brewers in July, signed with the Senators the next day and played full-time for both teams.

    Then he dropped off the face of the baseball world.

    I'm curious to know what happened to him that he never came back. That was a very successful rookie year and I would think he could've been a very productive player over the long-haul.

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    I know he played with Kansas City in 1902, 1903, and 1906.


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