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  • 1904 Washington Senators

    First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League...

    That vaudeville joke was probably coined later, but it certainly fit the 1904 Washington Senators. The American League had taken over the team and roster decisions were being made by AL president Ban Johnson, not always to the Senators' benefit. After the first 14 games of the season, the team had 13 losses and one tie. Player-manager Malachi Kittridge was relieved of his managing duties (but not his catching duties) with a record of 1-16-1, and outfielder Patsy Donovan became the manager for the rest of the season. (In 1903, Donovan had been a player-manager for the St. Louis Cardinals.) After 77 games (the halfway point of the season), the Senators had a record of 14-60-3. Somehow, they improved after that, and finished with a record of 38-113-6, even managing a 3-game winning streak in August against the Browns. Their winning percentage of .252 ended up as the 4th lowest in the 20th Century, behind the 1916 Philadelphia A's (36-117, .235), the 1935 Boston Braves (38-115, .248), and the 1962 New York Mets (40-120, .250).

    Unless indicated otherwise, the player photos in this thread are from 1904. Photos of the team and players from 1901 through 1903 are in the following thread:

    Managers-------Malachi Kittridge (1-16-1) 1903----Patsy Donovan (37-97-5) undated----

    BosN Kittridge.jpgPatsy Donovan formal undated.jpg
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    1904 Washington Senators: 38-113-6, .252, last place (8 teams), 55.5 g behind
    Scored 435 runs, allowed 743 runs

    ---------------------Sporting Boiler team photo at the start of the season-----------------------------

    1904 Sporting Boiler Supplement.jpg


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      Home field: American League Park (National Park)

      American League Park (National Park).jpgAmerican League Park (National Park) grandstand.jpg


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        Senators pitching staff

        ------Case Patten (14-23)-------------------------------------------------------------------Happy Townsend (5-26) 1903-------------------------Beany Jacobson (5-23) 1905-------------

        Case Patten.jpgHappy Townsend 1903.jpgBeany Jacobson 1905.jpg
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          Senators pitching staff

          ------------------Davey Dunkle (2-9) 1903---------------------------------------------------Highball Wilson (0-3) 1902----------------------------------------Del Mason (0-3)--

          Dunkle was sent to the minor leagues on August 20th.
          Wilson's last major league game was on May 17th.

          Davey Dunkle 1903 StLA.jpgHighball Wilson 1902.jpgMason.jpg
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            Senators pitching staff

            ---Barney Wolfe (6-10) 1905----------------------------------Long Tom Hughes (3-12)--------------------

            Wolfe and Hughes were traded to the Senators by the New York Highlanders on July 20th in exchange for Al Orth.
            barney wolfe 1905.jpgTom Hughes formal 1904.jpg
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              Senators pitcher/outfielder

              Al Orth (3-4, .216 batting average)

              Orth was traded to the New York Highlanders on July 20th.

              Al Orth.jpg
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                Senators catchers

                --------------Malachi Kittridge (.242)1905------------------------------------------------------------------Boileryard Clarke (.211)---------------------------

                Malachi Kittridge 1905.jpgBoileryard Clarke.jpg

                --------------------------Lew Drill(.268)-------------------------------
                Lew Drill.jpg
                Drill's contract was purchased by the Detroit Tigers on July 22nd.
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                  Senators infielders

                  -----1B Jake Stahl (.262)------------------------------------------------------------------------2B Barry McCormick (.218)----------------------------------

                  Stahl led the team in RBI with 50.
                  McCormick's last major league game was on August 30th.

                  Jake Stahl.jpgBarry McCormick.jpg
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                    Senators infielders

                    ---SS Charles Moran (.222)-------------------------------------------------------------------3B Scranton Bill Coughlin (.275)-----------

                    Moran was traded to the St. Louis Browns on July 14th for Hunter Hill and Frank Huelsman.
                    Coughlin's contract was purchased by the Detroit Tigers on July 22nd.

                    Charles Moran.jpgBill Coughlin.jpg


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                      Senators infielders

                      ---SS Joe Cassidy (.241)------------------------------------------------------------------------3B Hunter Hill (.197) 1905-------------------

                      Rookie Joe Cassidy played 3B and OF until after Charles Moran was traded, and then became the regular shortstop. He led the team in runs scored with 63 and led the AL in triples with 17.
                      He was the regular shortstop again in 1905, but prior to the 1906 season he died of malaria or typhoid fever.
                      Hunter Hill was traded to the Senators by the St. Louis Browns on July 14th.

                      Joe Cassidy.jpgHunter Hill 1905.jpg
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                        Senators outfielders

                        ---Kip Selbach (.275) 1903-----------------------------------------------Patsy Donovan (.229)---------------------------------------------Jack Thoney (.300)-------

                        Selbach was traded to the Boston Americans on July 4th for Bill O'Neill.
                        Thoney's contract was purchased by the New York Highlanders on May 8th.

                        kip selbach 1903.jpgPatsy Donovan.jpgThoney.jpg
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                          Senators outfielders

                          ---Bill O'Neill (.244) 1905*-------------Frank Huelsman (.248) 1905-----------------------Izzy Hoffman (.100) undated----

                          O'Neill was traded to the Senators by the Boston Americans on July 4th.
                          Huelsman began the season with the White Sox, was purchased by Detroit on May 30th, was purchased by the Browns on June 16th, and then was traded to the Senators on July 14th.

                          *A photo of O'Neill in his 1904 Senators uniform has been added in post #20.

                          Bill O'Neill 1905.jpgFrank Huelsman 1905.jpgIzzy Hoffman.jpg
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                            Additional Senators players

                            --1B/OF Lefty Herring (.174) undated--2B Jim Mullin (.186) 1905----2B Rabbit Nill (.167) 1905---

                            Herring played in the Washington Sunday School League until he was placed on the Senators roster July 8th. He was dropped on July 14th, and then picked up again on August 22nd, and then released on September 3rd.
                            Jim Mullin was lent to the Senators by the Philadelphia Athletics on August 31st, and returned to Philadelphia on September 21st.
                            Rookie Rabbit Nill began his major league career with the Senators on September 27th.

                            Lefty Herring.jpgJim Mullin 1905.jpgRabbit Nill 1905.jpg


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                              ------------------------Sporting Life team composite photo, late in the season------------------------

                              1904 composite.jpg
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