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    After retiring as a player, Bill Coughlin was the head coach at Lafayette College 1920-1943.

    Coughlin as Lafayette coach.jpg


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      Thanks for posting these wonderful photos!
      "For the Washington Senators, the worst time of the year is the baseball season." Roger Kahn

      "People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring." Rogers Hornsby.


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        Manager Patsy Donovan

        1904 Was Donovan.jpg


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          Carl Horner composite

          AL Washington Horner.jpg


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            Bill O'Neill in his Boston uniform (left) prior to joining the Senators in 1904, and (right) in a Washington uniform

            1904 O'Neill.jpg 1904 WAS O'Neill.jpg
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              Charlie Moran

              1904 Was Moran.jpg


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                Patsy Donovan



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                  May 1904 Team Photograph

                  1904 AL Washington.jpg


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                    -----------Joe Cassidy-------------------------------------------------Hunter Hill-------

                    1904 AL WAS Cassidy.jpg1904 AL WAS Hill.jpg

                    -----------------------------Jake Stahl--------------------------------Malachi Kittredge---------

                    1904 AL WAS Stahl full.jpg1904 AL WAS Kittredge.jpg
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                      ---------------Barry McCormick------------------------------Beany Jacobsen----------------------Barney Wolfe-----------

                      1904 AL WAS McCormick.jpg1904 AL WAS Jacobson.jpg1904 AL WAS Wolfe uniform.jpg

                      ---Umpire Silk O'Loughlin with Senator in the background---

                      1904 AL WAS O'Laughlin umpire.jpg
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                        Pitcher Case Patten

                        Case Patten.jpg


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                          Pitchers Tom Hughes (left, road uniform) and Al Orth (right, alternate home uniform)

                          1904 Was Tom Hughes.jpg 1904 Was Al Orth.jpg
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                            Probably Pitcher Del Mason
                            This is definitely a member of the 1904 Senators; it most closely resembles right-hander Mason.

                            AL Was possibly Del Mason 1904.jpg


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                              Another group photo of this team has surfaced:

                              Top Row (L-R): Al Orth (P/LF/CF), Happy Townsend (P), Lew Drill (C), Joe Cassidy (SS), Patsy Donovan (RF), Case Patten (P), Jake Stahl (1B), Kip Selbach (LF).
                              Middle Row (L-R): Bill Coughlin (3B), Charles Moran (SS), Barry McCormick (2B), Boileryard Clarke (C/1B).
                              Bottom Row (L-R): Jack Thoney (CF/RF), Malachi Kittridge (C/Mgr.*).
                              *This photograph must have been taken prior to the May 8th transfer of Jack Thoney's contract to the New York Highlanders, thus Kittridge is indicated here as the manager rather than Patsy Donovan, who took over the job after the game on May 9th.

                              1904 AL Washington 3.jpg
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                                1904 Washington Senators composite
                                Most of the photos in the composite below had also been published in the Washington Times in 1903 and 1904 (see, for examples, the newspaper photos in posts #18, #20, #24, and #25). Most were uncredited, but the image of Case Patten in the composite is an excerpt from the team photo seen on page 8 of the April 22, 1903, edition of the Washington Times, and that image is indicated as having been copyrighted by Frank Cullen. The players in the composite include some who began the 1904 season with the Senators but were traded away during the season, as well as players who began with other teams and then came to the Senators. For example, Charlie Moran was traded for Hunter Hill and Frank Huelsman on July 14th, yet Moran, Hill, and possibly Huelsman all appear in the composite. Question marks in the identifications below indicate when a matching photo could not be found in the Times archived at Chronicling America (; thus these identifications are uncertain.

                                Top Row (L-R): Charlie Moran (SS), Bill Wolfe (P), Case Patten (P), Beany Jacobson (P), Bill Clarke (C/1B), Joe Cassidy (SS).
                                Second Row (L-R): Bill (John) O'Neill (CF), Happy Townsend (P), Mal Kittridge (C), Frank Huelsman (CF)?.
                                Center: Patsy Donovan (RF/Mgr.).
                                Third Row (L-R): Kip Selbach (LF), Tom Hughes (P), Lew Drill (C)?, Barry McCormick (2B).
                                Bottom Row (L-R): Hunter Hill (3B), Highball (Howard) Wilson (P), Davey Dunkle (P)?, Al Orth (P/LF/CF), Bill Coughlin (3B), Jake Stahl (1B).

                                AL Washington field photos.jpg
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