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    I've been reading some old news stories on google news regarding the 1961 expansion draft and noticed the expansion Senators only drafted a few original Senators (Hernandez, Woodeshick, Maestri and Shaive.) I'm sure that they were trying to build a winner but given that the fans in Washington were upset about losing the original Senators, wouldn't obtaining a few more original Senators have helped smooth things over? They could have picked part-time starter Jose Valdivielso, Hal Naragon and Elmer Valo who went undrafted, or Tom Morgan, Tex Clevenger, Julio Becquer, Faye Throneberry, and Pete Whisenant who went to LA. Also available were former Senators Eddie Yost, Albie Pearson and Ken Aspromonte who also went to LA. (Actually, the Senators did take Aspromonte who had a good season in 1960 and sent him to LA in a trade for someone named Coot Veal??) I'm not saying they should have picked all of these players, but LA got more original Senators than Washington did. Obviously management chose not to go that route but given the struggle to sell tickets back then you might think more effort would have gone into obtaining some familiar faces. The following year, the Mets and Weiss seemed to make a conscious effort to bring in former New Yorkers which proved to be successful.
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