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1901-1913 Team Photographs of the Washington Senators

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  • 1901-1913 Team Photographs of the Washington Senators

    The Washington Senators were one of the American League’s eight charter franchises. The club was founded in 1901. In 1905 the team began to call itself the "Nationals"; this name would appear on the uniforms for the next two seasons, and would then be replaced with the "W" logo for the next 52 years.

    When the American League declared itself a major league in 1901, the new league moved the Kansas City franchise to Washington, a city that had been abandoned by the National League a year earlier. The Washington club, like the old one, would be called the Senators (or sometimes the Nationals). The Senators began their history as a consistently losing team that finished no higher than sixth place (out of eight teams) in each of their first eleven seasons.

    1907 saw the mid-season arrival of a talented 19-year-old pitcher, Walter Johnson. Raised in rural Kansas, Johnson was a tall, lanky man with long arms who, using a leisurely windup and unusual sidearm delivery, threw the ball faster than anyone had ever seen. Johnson's breakout year was 1910, when he struck out 313 batters and won 25 games for a seventh-place ball club.

    In 1911, the Senators’ wooden ballpark burned to the ground, and they replaced it with a modern concrete-and-steel structure on the same location. First called National Park, it later would be renamed Griffith Stadium, after the man who was named Washington manager in 1912 and whose name would become almost synonymous with the ball club: Clark Griffith. Walter Johnson blossomed in 1911 with 25 victories, although the Senators still finished the season in seventh place. In 1912 the Senators improved dramatically. Johnson won 33 games while teammate Bob Groom added another 24 wins to help the Senators finish the season in second place. The Senators continued to perform respectably in 1913 with Johnson posting a career-high 35 victories, as the team once again finished in second place.

    (The short history above was adapted from the Wikipedia page on the Washington Senators.)

    From a variety of sources, including on-line newspapers, the Reach and Spalding Guides, and right here on Baseball Fever, I have compiled a set of team photographs of the Senators for each of their first thirteen years. The quality varies, but all are worth preserving and sharing. The posts that follow in this thread display these group pictures.
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    1901 Washington Senators; 61-72-5, .459, 6th place, 20.5 games behind
    Manager: Jim Manning


    1901 AL Washington 3.jpg

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      1902 Washington Senators; 61-75-2, .449, 6th place, 22 games behind
      Manager: Tom Loftus

      1902 AL Washington.jpg


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        1903 Washington Senators; 43-94-3, .314, 8th place, 47.5 games behind
        Manager: Tom Loftus

        1903 AL Washington 2.jpg

        1903 AL Washington.jpg


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          1904 Washington Senators; 38-113-6, .252, 8th place, 55.5 games behind
          Managers: Malachi Kittridge (1-16-1) and Patsy Donovan (37-97-5)

          1904 AL Washington.jpg

          1904 AL Washington.jpg

          Photo below:
          Top Row (L-R): Al Orth (P/LF/CF), Happy Townsend (P), Lew Drill (C), Joe Cassidy (SS), Patsy Donovan (RF), Case Patten (P), Jake Stahl (1B), Kip Selbach (LF).
          Middle Row (L-R): Bill Coughlin (3B), Charles Moran (SS), Barry McCormick (2B), Boileryard Clarke (C/1B).
          Bottom Row (L-R): Jack Thoney (CF/RF), Malachi Kittridge (C/Mgr.*).
          *This photograph must have been taken prior to the May 8th transfer of Jack Thoney's contract to the New York Highlanders, thus Kittridge is indicated here as the manager rather than Patsy Donovan, who took over the job after the game on May 9th.

          1904 AL Washington 3.jpg
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            1905 Washington Nationals; 64-87-3, .424, 7th place, 29.5 games behind
            Manager: Jake Stahl

            1905 AL Washington.jpg

            1905 AL Washington 3.jpg

            1905 AL Washington 2.jpg

            1905 AL Washington caricatures.jpg
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              1906 Washington Nationals; 55-95-1, .367, 7th place, 37.5 games behind
              Manager: Jake Stahl

              1906 AL Washington.jpg

              1906 AL Washington 3.jpg
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                1907 Washington Senators; 49-102-3, .325, 8th place, 43.5 games behind
                Manager: Joe Cantillon

                1907 AL Washington.jpg

                The newspaper photo below is from the same negative as the photo above.
                1907 AL Washington 2.jpg

                1907 AL Washington 3.jpg
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                  908 Washington Senators; 67-85-3, .441, 7th place, 22.5 games behind
                  Manager: Joe Cantillon

                  1908 AL Washington 2.jpg

                  1908 AL Washington 3.jpg
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                    1909 Washington Senators; 42-110-4, .276, 8th place, 56 games behind
                    Manager: Joe Cantillon

                    1909 AL Washington composite.jpg

                    Spring training photo with the players wearing 1908-style uniforms:
                    Top Row (L-R): Otis Clymer (RF), Bob Groom (P), Walter Johnson (P), Cliff Blankenship (C), Dolly Gray (P), George McBride (SS).
                    Middle Row (L-R): Jerry Freeman (1B), Joe Cantillon (Mgr.), Bob Unglaub (1B/RF/2B).
                    Bottom Row (L-R): Clyde Milan (CF/LF), Bob Ganley (LF/CF), Wid Conroy (3B), Gabby Street (C).
                    1909 AL Washington 1.jpg
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                      1910 Washington Senators; 66-85-6, .437, 7th place, 36.5 games behind
                      Manager: Jimmy McAleer

                      1910 AL Washington.jpg

                      1910 AL Washington panoramic.jpg


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                        1911 Washington Senators; 64-90-0, .416, 7th place, 38.5 games behind
                        Manager: Jimmy McAleer

                        1911 AL Washington 2.jpg

                        1911 AL Washington.jpg

                        1911 AL Washington - sepia.jpg
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                          1912 Washington Senators; 91-61-2, .599, 2nd place, 14 games behind
                          Manager: Clark Griffith

                          1912 AL Washington.jpg

                          1912 AL Washington panoramic.jpg


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                            1913 Washington Senators; 90-64-1, .584, 2nd place, 6.5 games behind
                            Manager: Clark Griffith

                            1913 AL Washington Fatima.jpg

                            1913 AL Washington.jpg


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                              American League Park I, located at the intersection of Trinidad Avenue and Florida Avenue
                              Home of the Washington Senators 1901-1903

                              AL Washington 1901-1903 Trinidad Ave x Florida Ave.jpg
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