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1901-1913 Team Photographs of the Washington Senators

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    American League Park II, located between U Street NW, W Street NW, 5th Street NW, and Georgia Avenue NW
    Home of the Washington Senators/Nationals 1904-1910

    AL Washington 1904-1910.jpg
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      Note to 1913 photo: that's Germany Schaefer at the left and right end of the line. They used a panaoramic camera that slowly swept left-to-right. Scheafer must have been in the extreme left-hand shot, just beside a coach or trainer, and then run behind the photographer in time to be the far right-hand player. We puzzled over this at Washington Nationals Fan Forum a couple of years ago...then noticed a similar photo of the Tigers with Ty Cobb (who else?) at both left and right. The Detroit photo explained how Cobb managed to be photographed in both places at the same time. Bingo! Then we knew how Germany had done it, and why he has that smile.

      We concluded: Germany Scheafer, Washington Nationals, 1913, had left a joke for us to spot 100 years later!


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        Dto7 has just posted this colorized photo of the 1911 Washington Senators on his Facebook page:

        1911 AL Washington.jpg

        Great work, Don!


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          1905 Washington Nationals; 64-87-3, .424, 7th place, 29.5 games behind
          Manager: Jake Stahl

          "Washington Baseball Team and Floral Tribute", Washington Times, September 6, 1905
          Standing: Mal Kittridge (C), Charlie Hickman (2B), Jake Stahl (1B/Mgr.), Rabbit Nill (3B/2B/SS).
          Kneeling: Charlie Jones (CF), John Anderson (RF), Case Patten (P), Joe Cassidy (SS).
          Sitting: Frank Huelsman (LF), Beany Jacobson (P), Punch Knoll (RF/LF), Rick Adams (P).

          1905 AL Washington floral tribute.jpg


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            1909 Washington Senators
            A full-sized rendition of this composite, currently available at Love of the Game Auctions, has just been added to post #10.

            1909 AL Washington composite.jpg


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              National Park, April 12, 1911, Opening Day, Boston at Washington
              A fire had destroyed the ballpark in March; it was not yet fully rebuilt when the Senators began their season.
              Details on how this image was identified are online at: http://baseballresearcher.blogspot.c...l-history.html

              1911 April 12 Boston at Washington National Park.jpg


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                1908 Washington Senators; 67-85-3, .441, 7th place, 22.5 games behind
                Manager: Joe Cantillon
                Image with Walter Johnson (4th from the left in the back row)
                This photo is currently available at Robert Edward Auctions.

                1908 AL Washington 1.jpg
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                  1907 Washington Senators - Some of Cantillon's Pickings - Men Obtained Since Manager Came Here

                  Standing (L-R): Bill Shipke (3B), Otis Clymer (LF/RF), Jim Delahanty (2B), Hank Gehring (P).
                  Seated (L-R): Cliff Blankenship (C/1B), Walter Johnson (P), Frank Oberlin (P), Bruno Block (C), Bob Ganley (RF/LF/CF).

                  This was published in the Washington Herald on August 11, 1907. Walter Johnson's major league debut was on August 2, 1907; this is one of the earliest images of him in a Washington uniform.

                  1907 AL Washington new players.jpg


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                    1908 Washington Senators; 67-85-3, .441, 7th place, 22.5 games behind
                    Manager: Joe Cantillon
                    An improved copy of the third image in post #9 of this team, with IDs from a caption in the March 20th, 1908, edition of the Washington Evening Star:

                    Standing (L-R): C.D. Jacobson (Treasurer), Tom Hughes (P), Bob Ganley (LF/Capt.), Mike Kahoe (C), Clyde Milan (utility OF), Lenne Peterson (P/DNP*), J. W. Eddinger (Trainer), Joe Cantillon (Mgr.), Bill Kay (utility OF/DNP*), George McBride (SS), Frank Oberlin (P/DNP*), Bob Meinke (utility IF/DNP*), Bill Shipke (utility IF), Tony Smith (utility IF/DNP*).
                    Squatting (L-R): Case Patten (P), Jim Delahanty (2B), Willy Wilson (P/DNP*), Cy Falkenberg (P/DNP*).
                    Sitting (L-R): Burt Keeley (P), Bill Burns (P), Jack Warner (C), Ollie Pickering (CF), Otis Clymer (RF), Charlie Smith (P), Jerry Freeman (1B), Eli Cates (P), Dave Altizer (3B).
                    *DNP denotes players who did not appear in a regular-season game with Washington in 1908. Oberlin, Smith, and Wilson all played in 1908 for the Minneapolis Millers, owned by the Cantillon family.

                    1908 AL Washington 4.jpg


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                      1909 Washington Nationals, 42-110, 8th place, 56 GB
                      This image appeared in the April 14th, 1909, edition of the Washington Times (top) and the April 18th, 1909, edition of the Washington Herald (below).
                      Top Row (L-R): Bob Unglaub (1B/RF/2B), Jerry Freeman (1B), Clyde Milan (CF/LF), Charlie Smith (P), George McBride (SS), J.W. Eddinger (trainer), Otis Clymer (RF), Wid Conroy (3B), Bob Groom (P), Cliff Blankenship (C), Bill Burns (P), Walter Johnson (P), Dolly Gray (P).
                      Middle Row (L-R): Bob Ganley (LF/CF), Gabby Street (C), Jesse Tannehill (RF/P), Mike Kahoe (C).
                      Bottom Row (L-R): Bill Shipke (3B/SS), Joe Cantillon (Mgr.), Tom Hughes (P), Jim Delahanty (2B), Bert Keeley (P).

                      1909 AL Washington w names.jpg

                      1909 AL Washington in jackets.jpg


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                        1909 Washington Nationals in spring training
                        A better image of this gathering had been in post #9 and identified as the 1908 team, based on the uniforms.
                        However, it is actually the 1909 team during spring training, and includes players such as Dolly Gray and Wid Conroy who were not with this team in 1908.
                        The image has been moved to post #10 and IDs added.

                        1909 AL Washington 1 w names.jpg


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